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Foam Brewers

Inside Job (DRAFT 5.16g)

Inside Job (DRAFT 5.16g)

Style Category: Hoppy

Beer Style: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.8

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Foam Brewers x Otis Mountain Get Down collaborative Pale Ale.

History's biggest conspiracies all come down to a handful of powerful individuals. The pyramids….. well, ok, that was aliens. 4/20? We all know that was an inside iob. Otis? It's like a pop-up, underground civilization of people all in on the same ioke. This beer? Crushable, partially cloudv and exactlv what the establishment wants vou to overlook. The earth may be flat, but at least vour beer is full.

Brewed with pilsen malt and flaked wheat. Hopped exclusively with Idaho-7. 4.8% ABV Pale Ale.

Each log is 5.16g.

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